Sunday, March 22, 2015

Odyssey of the Mind

Kaitlyn came home this year and expressed an interest in participating in Odyssey of the Mind.  While Kevin had heard of it before, I never had.  According to their website, it is an international educational program that provides creative problem solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college.  While the older students actually have competitions at the local, state, and national level, the younger students have a separate non-competitive meet where they are offered feedback on what that did well to help prepare them for future competitions.  Last year, the older students at Kaitlyn’s school made it to the national level.  This year the older kids will be competing at the state level next week. 

The primary group (K-2nd grade) had their meet this past week.  For the past few months they have been practicing to solve their “problem”.  They get no help from anyone outside the group.  Their coaches don’t even offer suggestions, but they can ask questions to get them thinking or give them practice problems.  This year’s primary problem was very appropriate for our family…  “Wacky Weather”.  Teams were to create and present a humorous performance where a meteorologist makes predictions of “wacky weather”.  The meteorologist had to speak in rhymes and use a team-created forecasting device and a backdrop that served as a weather map.  The community would ”tune in” to get the weather report in any creative way the team wished.

Before presenting their problem, the team had to create a banner for the parade of schools at the end of the morning.


Can you tell what Kaitlyn was for their Wacky Weather play?P3211239



She was an ice cream cone!  Their play also included a Cheez-it Tornado!  Very creative!

Here she is lined up and ready to help carry their banner in the school parade.P3211242

All of the schools ready to receive their participation ribbons and certificates.P3211246

Kaitlyn’s first ribbon!P3211247

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