Sunday, March 8, 2015


For Valentine’s Weekend we took a hockey road trip to Pennsylvania.  We spent our first night in Wilkes-Barre, PA where our Pirates played the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.  Most of our best players including our goalie and two top scorers had been called up by the Arizona Coyotes, so of course we ended up losing Sad smile

The next morning we drove down to Hershey.  Kevin booked me a couple of treatments at the Hershey Spa for Valentine’s Day.  While he wrangled the girls, I enjoyed a whipped chocolate bath followed by their Signature Chocolate Facial.

For lunch we headed to the Bears Den- our favorite restaurant in town.P2141202

After that it was game time!  Coco took a picture with us even though we were the enemy Smile


The Pirates lost again, but we had still had a lot of fun!  It figures, they are playing in Hershey again tonight and they win 5-1 when we aren’t there! P2141204P2141205

The next morning we bundled up and headed to Zoo America for a couple of hours.P2151206P2151207P2151208P2151211

Kaitlyn’s grown a bit…P2151210Kaitlyn (2 years old) at Zoo America in Hershey, PAP2151209

Kevin’s grown a bit too, haha!P1011218P2151212P2151213P1011215P2151214

Kaitlyn and the wolf kept running back and forth with each other.P1011216P1011217

That afternoon we were off to Chocolate World!Hershey Chocolate World 2015 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn had been talking about how much she wanted to go to Hershey and make her own candy bar.  Of course, at Create Your Own Candy Bar everyone has to wear aprons and hair nets.  Even Kenzie had to wear a hair net, but since they didn’t have any small enough for her, they put  a beard net on her instead!P1011219P1011220P1011221P1011222P1011223

So happy even if she doesn’t get to eat any yummy chocolate yet! P1011227 Someone’s wiped out after a fun weekend!P1011228

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