Monday, February 2, 2015

AHL All-Star Classic

This year the AHL All-Star Classic was held in Utica, NY.  After a brief hiatus last year (so we could go to Florida and announce Kenzie!), we continued our tradition of attending.  It turned out to be very fortuitous as we missed the great blizzard of 2015.  While the weather geek in us was a bit disappointed, we were excited to not have to dig out the car…  we ended up with 24 inches.  Eek.

We started out All-Star weekend with a quick stop in Boston.  Kevin’s mom and the girls hung out in the hotel while Kevin and I went to the Garth Brooks concert.  It was awesome!   The next morning, Kevin’s mom took the train home to Portland while the rest of us headed towards New York.

Sunday we went to Fort Stanwix.  P1251084

Kaitlyn built her own fort in the museum.  P1251076

We were the only people on the ranger led tour.  Kaitlyn was very interested and actually asked a few questions!P1251079P1251083P1251085

That evening was the All-Stars Skills Competition.  Kevin and Kaitlyn met Audie, the Utica Comets mascot.P1251087

Kenzie made her national television debut.  I got several texts that friends saw her on TV!  Kaitlyn didn’t make the TV, but she got her own special treat… more on that later…P1251089Everyone is showing their Portland pride SmileP1251091P1251098

Our representative was supposed to be Alexander Bolduc, but he was injured the day before and unable to attend.  So Brendan Shinnimin was selected to go.P1251093P1251099P1251100

TJ Brennan (on the left) used to play in Portland.  In the autograph session he spotted my jersey and immediately knew which other former player it had belonged to.P1251102

Kenzie was entranced by the Manchester Monarch’s mascot Max.  Apparently we need to teach her they are our rivals.P1251103P1251104P1251105

The East won the Skills Competition.

Post-competition autograph session.  While waiting for the players, Kaitlyn was given one of the used pucks.  P1251106

Kaitlyn  got everyone’s autograph.P1251108

Shinnimin was impressed we came all the way from Portland.P1251107

Kaitlyn got a t-shirt that the mascots were handing out.  Had I know what was on the t-shirt, we probably would have had a bonfire with it.  Smile


Monday morning we went to the Utica Zoo.  We pretty much had a run of the place.  All the animals came out to see us!  Some of them even walked up to fence and paced back and forth for us.P1261112P1261113P1261116P1261121P1261123P1261124 

That night was the All-Star game.  P1261126P1261127P1261129P1261130P1261131P1261132P1261133P1261134

The mascots’ game at intermission is always a hit!  This year they played broomball instead of hockey.P1261135P1261136P1261137P1261138P1261139

During the second intermission the mascots had a dance off.P1261140P1261142P1261143

The West might have won the game, but Shinnimin scored the first goal of the game!P1261144P1261145P1261146P1261147

Now about that special treat for Kaitlyn…  It was a good thing we saw Shinnimin at the autograph session because after the game he had a special present for Kaitlyn.  Another kid tried to grab it first, but Shinnimin pulled it away and moved it closer to Kaitlyn.P1261148

Kenzie is disappointed we lost.P1261149

Our last day, we made a trip over to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Kenzie slept through the whole thing except for about the last 10 minutes.P1271153P1271154P1271156P1271157P1271159P1271161P1271167P1271169

Kaitlyn answered all the questions on the trivia sheet, so she got a free package of baseball cards from the store afterwards.P1271170

Someone just woke up…P1271171P1271173P1271174

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