Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hopefully everyone has received their Christmas cards by now.  And I thought it was hard getting one kid to look at me and smile.  It’s practically Mission Impossible to get more than one to cooperate at once.  God Bless anyone with more than two kids in a photo, haha!PC131012

Here’s a few cute ones that didn’t make the Christmas card cut.PC131008PC131016PC131018PC241020PC241021

The girls in the Christmas best after church on Christmas Eve.  Kenzie definitely has that I’m up to something twinkle in her eye!PC241029PC241030

Santa came!  Mommy actually almost died getting all that stuff downstairs and putting the rocking panda together.  I also spent some time wandering the backyard in the rain with a flashlight breaking carrots into pieces and throwing them into the woods.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised my fever spiked at 103.  Luckily I am feeling much better today.PC251032

Kenzie Claus’ first Christmas!PC251033PC251034

Some of our awesome presents!PC251035PC251037PC251038PC251039PC251040PC251041PC251042PC251043PC251045PC251046PC251047PC251048

Kaitlyn helping Kenzie open the present Kaitlyn bought for her.PC251049PC251050PC251051

I think Kaitlyn now officially owns every Frozen product ever made…PC251052


It was rather sad not having Twister with us for Christmas.  I had to pick up the wrapping paper right away.  He always used to like climbing into the pile and laying down.  We picked up his remains from the vet on the 26th.  They gave us a very nice ceramic with his paw print and name in it.  It brought a bit of levity to the situation when they handed him to us in a gift bag.  We will miss him very much.  Of course this means Kevin is officially the only boy in the house…  surrounded by 5 girls. 

Finally, Kenzie turned 4 months old the day after Christmas.  My big girl has her 4 month check up next week!PC261055PC261063

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