Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bruins Game

For over a year, Kaitlyn has been telling us that she wanted to go to a Bruins game.  Kevin got a great deal on some amazing seats so we took Kaitlyn down without telling her what we were doing. 

For those of  you not familiar with the Garden, there is a subway/ commuter rail/ Amtrak  station on the ground level.  The  arena is right above “North Station”.  When we arrived and Kaitlyn started seeing all the jerseys in North Station, she asked if there was hockey here.  We didn’t confirm anything.  Upon getting upstairs, Kaitlyn peered down one of the corridors and saw the ice.  She started jumping up and down screaming “I see the ice, I see the ice.”  Too cute!

Pre-game practice…Imported Photos 04057

That’s right…                                                      Imported Photos 04058Imported Photos 04059Imported Photos 04060Imported Photos 04061Imported Photos 04068

Kaitlyn danced her little butt off at the intermissions and was so excited when she “got on tv” Imported Photos 04069

Tuuka!!!Imported Photos 04070

Kaitlyn’s first Bruins apparel…Imported Photos 04071

My boyfriend on the side… Chara <3Imported Photos 04072Imported Photos 04073Imported Photos 04074

Shoot out!!!        

Tyler Seguin… Goal!                                     Imported Photos 04075

Patrice Bergeron… Goal!Imported Photos 04076

B’s win!!!Imported Photos 04078Imported Photos 04079

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