Sunday, February 3, 2013

AHL All Star Game

This year’s AHL All Star game was in Providence, Rhode Island.  I was very excited because I LOVE the Providence Place Mall!  I’d been planning a shoe shopping excursion since the AHL announced the location last year!

Imported Photos 04112

Here’s Kaitlyn in our hotel room playing with her Leapster Explorer…Imported Photos 04088

The view from our seats…Imported Photos 04089

Center Ice…Imported Photos 04090

Chris Summers, our representative from the Portland Pirates this year, at the Skills Competition warm-up…Imported Photos 04093

Summers is #5…Imported Photos 04094Imported Photos 04095Imported Photos 04096

Ready to cheer on Chris and the rest of the Eastern Conference!Imported Photos 04098

Player Introductions…Imported Photos 04099Imported Photos 04101

Singing God Bless America…Imported Photos 04100

Chris competed in the Fastest Skater Competition.  Not only did he win, he set a new AHL record!Imported Photos 04102

Being interviewed after breaking the record…Imported Photos 04103Imported Photos 04104

Chris getting his Fastest Skater award…Imported Photos 04106Imported Photos 04107

Let’s play spot Cyndi… Kevin apparently took a picture of me getting the guys’ autographs.  I’m in the middle of all that mess.  Imported Photos 04108

Kevin adding to his emergency vehicle photograph collection…Imported Photos 04109

Here we are on the way to the mall…Imported Photos 04113Imported Photos 04115

The walkway into the mall.  We actually ran into some players about 10 seconds after this picture was taken.  You can see some of them getting ready to come through the glass doors towards us…Imported Photos 04116

That night was the All Star game…  Eastern vs. Western Conference.  For the game, Chris Summers was #2 for the Eastern Conference.

The pre-game warm-up…Imported Photos 04120Imported Photos 04121Imported Photos 04122Imported Photos 04124

Kaitlyn was excited to get the free pompoms at the door…Imported Photos 04123

Player introductions…Imported Photos 04125Imported Photos 04126

Game time!Imported Photos 04127Imported Photos 04128Imported Photos 04129Imported Photos 04130Imported Photos 04131

Nothing better than hot chocolate and hockey!Imported Photos 04132Chris got an assist!Imported Photos 04133

My little cheerleader!Imported Photos 04139Imported Photos 04140Western Conference scored with 11 seconds left in the game and won Sad smile.    Afterwards were the MVP awards and team photos.Imported Photos 04141Imported Photos 04142Imported Photos 04143

The game MVP…  He got a hat trick and the game winning goal!Imported Photos 04144Imported Photos 04145

Rumor has it next years will be in St. John’s (Canada).  Hopefully we will be able to pull off some tickets to that and continue our tradition.

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