Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kaitlyn’s First Cruise

Last week we went on vacation!  The Carnival Pride left from Baltimore.  The night before we left we had dinner with one of my old college roommates and her family (Fun fact: she is actually the one who introduced Kevin and I!).  Kaitlyn had a lot of fun playing in the hotel room that night.

She told me the pillows were cake.  Apparently she thought she was making a cake by stacking them.  Guess she watches too much Cake Boss with me :)Imported Photos 02680  

Our embarkation photo…scan0001

The first day of the cruise, we had to go to a Camp Carnival orientation to make sure Kaitlyn was registered and get their schedule of activities for the cruise.  At the end, they raffled off a “Funship Freddy” doll.  Kaitlyn won!  Imported Photos 02684

Camp Carnival also does a “Beary Cuddly” which is their version of a Build A Bear.  The bear Kaitlyn got all the proceeds went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Stuffing the bear… Imported Photos 02687 Imported Photos 02686 Imported Photos 02685

The finished product…Imported Photos 02688

Monday was a fun day at sea.  We watched an ice carving demonstration.Imported Photos 02694 Imported Photos 02693

Kaitlyn spent some time at Camp Carnival. She made a princess crown and a “candy” necklace out of fruit loops. Imported Photos 02704Imported Photos 02703

Monday was also elegant night.  So we got to get all dressed up and g0t family photos.  Here’s one of Kaitlyn before we headed out to dinner…Imported Photos 02697 

Little Miss Attitude…                        scan0005scan0006 scan0004

Kaitlyn loved coming back to the room and finding the towel animals every night. Imported Photos 02701Imported Photos 02702

Tuesday was also a fun day at sea.Imported Photos 02705

The first of several “Cheeky Art” (aka face painting) days at Camp Carnival.Imported Photos 02712Imported Photos 02714 Imported Photos 02713 

Wednesday we docked at Port Canaveral.   scan0003

We could see Kennedy Space Center from the ship!Imported Photos 02756

We took an airboat ride to see the “gators”Imported Photos 02736Imported Photos 02737

Showing off the teeth!Imported Photos 02755

Sampling the alligator.  Of course, she thought it was a chicken nugget!  Imported Photos 02752

Some more Cheeky Art from Camp Carnival…   Imported Photos 02762

Thursday we docked in Nassau, Bahamas or as Kaitlyn calls it the “hamas”!scan0002

Imported Photos 02779

We took a horse and carriage ride around.Imported Photos 02780Imported Photos 02781

Then we introduced Kaitlyn to Senor Frogs!Imported Photos 02785Imported Photos 02787

It was a Carnival day in port apparently.  Our ship was the one in the middle.  The Carnival Ecstasy and the Carnival Fascination are the other two ships.Imported Photos 02786 

Kaitlyn is already learning fun things at school…Imported Photos 02788

Kaitlyn’s favorite part of the day was the beach…Imported Photos 02799 Imported Photos 02797 Imported Photos 02795 Imported Photos 02793 Imported Photos 02789 

Shopping!  And yes, we brought home some rum and rum cakes.  Yummy!Imported Photos 02802

Some more cheeky Art from Camp Carnival…  Imported Photos 02812 Imported Photos 02811  

Friday we docked in Freeport, Bahamas.scan0008

First we went to the Garden of the Groves.  It was beautiful!   Imported Photos 02829 Imported Photos 02821Imported Photos 02826

Watching the fish… Imported Photos 02830

Checking out the little lizard.Imported Photos 02831

Counting the ducks.Imported Photos 02824 

Afterwards we checked out the shops at Port Lucaya Marketplace. Imported Photos 02836

We stopped for a little snack and sampled the conch.Imported Photos 02840

And Kevin sampled one of the locally brewed beers.Imported Photos 02839

Saturday was our last day and of course it was a sea day as we headed back to Baltimore.  Kaitlyn went to Camp Carnival while Kevin and I took the Behind the Fun Tour on the ship.  Because of the nature of the tour, they only allow 16 people on the tour (they only did the tour twice on this sailing) and you are not allowed to bring cell phones and cameras.  Because you go to restricted areas, they even have ship security wand you with a handheld metal detector!  It was awesome though.  Because we could not bring cameras, Carnival photographers actually met us as a couple of stops and snapped photos for us.  Some of the highlights were the backstage of the theater, the engine room, the beer cooler :) and the galley.

Here we are with the Chef.  The guy to the left of the chef actually did the fruit carvings on the table as decorations for the chocolate buffet.  He also did the ice sculpture carving from earlier in the week.  scan0011

And of course, the best part was meeting the captain on the bridge!  The view was incredible.

The whole group…  Kevin and I are standing behind the captain and our tour guide, Alexandra, is standing on the right.scan0010 

Kevin and I steering the ship with the Captain.  He liked my Bruins t-shirt!scan0009 

Our final stop was at the ship’s steakhouse where we had mimosa’s and they gave us this…  It is a swan carved out of soap…  Imported Photos 02848

When we got back to our room, we found this from the Chef thanking us for visiting the galley. Imported Photos 02847

Kaitlyn enjoying her pudding.Imported Photos 02849

That night we went to the farewell party.  Kaitlyn danced and sipped fruit punch, while Kevin and I enjoyed the free alcoholic beverages :Imported Photos 02851 Imported Photos 02853

I swear it is just fruit punch! Imported Photos 02854 

Our Kaitlyn’s last night at Camp Carnival, she made a t-shirt and had her own little farewell party.  She looks unhappy because she knew it was her last night going.Imported Photos 02866

Now we are home.  Kaitlyn insisted on wearing her muster station bracelet up until this morning.  Apparently, she thought if she continued to wear it, she could get back on the boat.  She is continually asking Kevin and I if we are going back on the boat soon.  So, I guess Kevin will be planning another cruise vacation.  And of course the most important thing…  Kaitlyn doesn’t get sea sick!

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