Saturday, November 13, 2010

Portland Pirates vs. Albany Devils

Every hockey game, three stars of the game are chosen.  The stars can be from either team.  If the number one star is from the home team, he autographs his stick and gives it to “one lucky fan”.

Last season, I mentioned to Kaitlyn friend Travis that no one ever came down to our end of the ice.  They always gave the stick away to someone close to the locker room entrance.  He told me that if he ever got the number one star of the game, he would give us his stick.

So, tonight, Travis scored what turned out to be the game winning goal and played a great game all around.  I figured he stood a good chance of being one of the stars.  After the game, I could see the 3 players that had been chosen… Enroth, Gragnani, and Turnbull.

Enroth, was the number 3 star.  Then they announced Gragnani as the number two star.  Two of our friends and I looked at each other and just screamed “Travis is number one!”  And he remembered his promise!  It was actually kind of funny because he was so busy bringing it all the way down the ice to us that he forgot to stop and autograph it!  We’re planning on bringing it back to another game and having him sign it afterwards.  I just wish Kevin could have been there to see it, but he was working.

The only problem was separating Kaitlyn from it.  She did not let go of it at all.  Let me tell you it was not easy climbing stairs, crossing streets and getting into a car with a two year old who will not let go of a hockey stick.  She then proceeded to scream “mine” repeatedly while I put her in her pajamas and put her to bed.  It is going into hiding for a while now…

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