Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catch Up Post

I’ve gotten a little behind on the blog posts…

Last week, Kaitlyn had her 2 year check up at the doctor’s.  She weighed 29.8 pounds and is 34” inches tall.  Dr. Foster says she’s very healthy.  She won’t be going back for a check-up again until she turns 3.

For Thanksgiving, we broke our tradition of going to Bugaboo.  This year, we ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Cracker Barrel.  We had turkey, ham, biscuits, corn bread, fried apples, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, cranberries, and pumpkin pie.  Very yummy!

 Imported Photos 01163 Imported Photos 01165 Imported Photos 01166 Imported Photos 01168Imported Photos 01167

Kaitlyn brought home this really cute project from daycare…

Imported Photos 01170

On Saturday, we went to another Pirates game.  We had planned to do this at the game two days after her birthday, but Kevin had forced overtime so we pushed it back to last night…

Imported Photos 01173

Unfortunately, the Pirates lost and Kaitlyn’s friend Travis got hurt when he went into the boards hard.  He left the ice and you could tell he was in a lot of pain.  He didn’t play in today’s game.  Rumor has it he’ll be going for X-rays and whatnot early this week.  We’re hoping he’s not hurt too bad!

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