Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pirates Home Opener

Saturday was the day we have been waiting for…  hockey season has returned!!!  I’m still not sure if Kaitlyn has a crush on goalie Jhonas  Enroth or if she’s just fascinated by the goalie mask.  Either way, she stares him down.  She also won’t wave to any of the new guys until they turn away from her.  Travis Turnbull is still her special friend.  He picked up right where he left off last season, coming over to wave at her during practice. 

Watching the pre-game practice…100_0910

Practice…100_0907 100_0908 100_0909100_0912

Introducing the 2010-2011 team.  Kaitlyn’s friend Travis is number 9 (third on the left)…100_0913

Carefully watching the game…100_0916 100_0918

I swear Kaitlyn wasn’t trying to strangle Kevin.  She was actually dancing at this point.  One of the highlights of the night was watching her shake her butt to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”…100_0919  

Checking out the moose balloon animal Kevin brought back…100_0924100_0921

We won!!!100_0927

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