Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

Two posts in one day…  we’ve been busy!!!

Last weekend, one of the local candy stores, Len Libby’s, had their traditional holiday party.  They had hot chocolate and eggnog, make your own candy canes, and horse drawn carriage rides, all for FREE!  Kaitlyn loved the horses of course.  She did her little happy dance every time she saw them.

Yesterday, we went out to Portland House of Pizza for dinner.  We had a coupon for a free pizza.  then we headed over to the Civic Center for the Pirates game.  Kaitlyn does watch the players, but her favorite thing to watch is Crackers.  Crackers is one of the Pirates’ mascots.  He is  a bright green parrot.  Kaitlyn can spot him all the way across the arena (not that it’s a huge arena, but she definitely finds him before I do!) and she will point at him and watch him until he is out of sight.

This morning before Mass, the Knights of Columbus hosted a Breakfast with Santa in the Parish Center.  Santa says Kaitlyn has very good lungs!

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Yes, the second I handed her over she dissolved into tears and the second she was back in my arms she was smiling and waving at him.  Of course she had a death grip on my shirt with her other hand, lest I hand her over again…

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