Sunday, December 6, 2009


Kaitlyn had her first “school” pictures back in early October and we just got them back a few weeks ago…


One of her “teachers” told me a cute story that I thought I’d share with you all…

A few weeks ago, Miss Amy had just finished giving one of the younger baby’s his bottle.  She sat him on her lap and started patting Wyatt to burp him.  Kaitlyn watched all this from across the room.  Then she crawled over, stood up against Miss Amy’s leg and started patting Wyatt on the back too.   Apparently I have a little mother in the making as she likes to “help” me fold the laundry too.

Our big news, though, is Kaitlyn’s last day in Room 1 was Friday.  She is “graduating” and moving up to Room 2 with the older babies starting on Monday!   She’s been visiting Room 2 for a couple of hours a day for the past week to help ease the transition to the new room and teachers.  She does have some old friends in there that moved up before she did.  Either way, I think the move will be harder on me than her!

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