Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Dr.'s Appointment and Other Stuff...

Well, I had another doctor's appointment today. This time I had to drink a bottle of Glucola, so my glucose levels could be tested. The first sip wasn't too bad and I thought that people were exaggerating how bad it was. About halfway through the bottle though I was praying I'd be able to finish it without getting sick. The lab tech said that no news is good news. If I don't hear anything in the next few days I'm fine. If I have abnormal results I'll get a phone call and have to come back for a more "extensive" test (and with my luck another bottle of Glucola... yuck!).

Other than that the appointment was routine. We still love listening to the baby's heartbeat, of course. We were also told it's time to start thinking about birthing classes. Personally I think that those classes are just a lame attempt to make a first-time mother feel like she is doing something to make labor easier, happier, and faster. Until labor happens and she realizes, oh crap those classes were a rip-off and vows never to have another baby. LOL :-)

After the doctor's appointment we met with the priest to plan Kaitlyn's baptism, which is scheduled for the last Sunday in February ( I wanted my parents to experience a Maine winter. Sorry, Mom).

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. We'll be spending ours attempting to put together a crib. (Well, let's be honest... Kevin will be putting together the crib and I will be "supervising").

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SGiles said...

Hey Guys!!!
I totally agree with you on the birthing class! We did the baby basics class at MMC and infant CPR. We found those to be much more helpful.
I am glad that everything else is going well. You've passed stage two of the initiation to motherhood...glucola!!! Stage one was morning sickness!!!