Friday, September 23, 2016

Kenzie Follow-up

This week we had our six month follow up appointment with the pediatric neurologist for Kenzie.  She is really happy with the progress that Kenzie has made and that she is definitely expanding in her skills.  Unfortunately though there still aren't many answers as all genetic blood tests done to this point have come back normal.  Because of this and to make sure we are following the appropriate medical plan of action, Kenzie will need to undergo a few more tests to hopefully get a diagnosis or better idea of what is going on.

So at some point in the near future (most likely some time in January) Kenzie will need to check into Maine Medical Center to undergo an MRI brain scan, and a spinal tap to test her spinal fluid for some ailments that are only picked up that way.  These tests will require Kenzie to be put under general anesthesia, so she will be knocked out.  It is unfortunate to have to put her through this but it seems like our best shot of getting a better handle of what is actually happening so we can chart the best course for her. 

The good news is that Kenzie is very happy, outgoing, and intelligent.  She is making great progress through physical therapy, pulling herself to stand repeatedly and doing some cruising along chairs, tables, etc.  The desire is there to walk, and her right leg is doing really well.  It is her left leg causing the most issues currently, and hopefully these scans will give us clues so that Kenzie can get the most out of therapy.  We may also be starting speech therapy soon.

As soon as we hear when these tests will happen we will pass the date along to all of you. 

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