Saturday, July 9, 2016

Whoopie Pie Weekend

A few weekends ago, we headed north for the annual whoopie pie festival.  We were so busy sampling that I didn't get many photos, but I did get this gem of Kenzie...  post festival in a whoopie pie coma!

While in Bangor, I begged Kevin for a stop at Bangor PD for a photo with the Duck of Justice.  Kevin thinks I'm crazy but he humored me.  For those not familiar, Bangor PD's Facebook page is gaining wide spread recognition.  Their public information officer has a great sense f humor which he mixes with important information.  The Duck of Justice has become their unofficial mascot.  It's a stuffed duck that was rescued from the trash bin and jokingly made the mascot.  People have come to love it though and so many people have stopped in looking for pictures with it, that it now has its own visitors log.  If you are on Facebook, I highly recommend following the Bangor PD.  I particularly like Warrant Wednesday...  always good for a laugh!

On the way home from Bangor, we decided to take the scenic route home (Route 1 along the coast) rather than the much faster, but boring I-95.  We stopped and explored Fort Knox for a bit...

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