Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kenzie's Physical Therapy

Kenzie’s physical therapy is going well. She’s already met several of her goals. She sits up much better. Her side to side protective reflexes (putting her hand down when she loses her balance sitting) are good. She needs to work on her back protective reflexes as she still is toppling backward and not catching herself. She can crawl now, but we need to work on her opening her hands and putting them flat. She tends to fist them as she crawls. She can also pull herself up to kneel and she like to kneel when she is playing now. She can pull herself to stand when assisted. Her next goals are to pull herself up to stand on her own, stand on her own for several seconds, and cruise (take steps while holding onto something) 5 steps side to side. My favorite part of PT is watching her “walk”on the treadmill. She is so cute in her little harness…

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