Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Trip Part 4- Zoo

Kaitlyn got to show Great-Grandma her puzzle solving skills!IMG958623IMG958624

On Tuesday we went to our favorite zoo with Aunt Bev, Aunt Diana, and Loren.  It was another beautiful day… not oppressively hot and humid like it usually is while we are there!  Kenzie made friends with a duck who tried to nip her toes.  Both girls loved the splash park.  Kenzie wasn’t so sure about the misting stations at first.  Kaitlyn was excited to see the elephants while the giraffes were Kenzie’s favorite.  She was talking to them and clapping for them.  She looks so cute in her little giraffe outfit from Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill.20151124_10434120151124_104356IMG958626IMG95863520151124_112207IMG_8639IMG_8646IMG_8650IMG_865220151124_110819IMG_865720151124_11473020151124_11500320151124_11500620151124_11512120151124_121243IMG958659IMG958664IMG958665IMG958666IMG95868020151124_123442IMG958681IMG958683IMG958713IMG958715IMG958717IMG958724IMG958726IMG_8692IMG_8695IMG_8699IMG_8702IMG_8707IMG_8708IMG_8710

By the time we got back from the zoo Oma, Opa, and Uncle Robert had arrived.  They brought my communion dress with them that Kaitlyn tried on.IMG_8729IMG_8733IMG_8739IMG_8750

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