Monday, November 17, 2014

Kaitlyn is 6!

Kaitlyn was surprised and very excited to come downstairs on her birthday to a Frozen themed “Happy 6th Birthday” banner.PB110946

We started her birthday celebration at where else but Red Robin.  Kaitlyn even shared her birthday sundae with us!PB110947

She was so excited to open her presents!PB110948PB110949PB110950PB110952PB110951PB110953PB110954

This year, Kaitlyn wanted a chocolate butterfly cake.  So I made a 3 layer cake… top and bottom tiers were chocolate.  The middle was vanilla- colored blue.  It was filled with Marshmallow Fluff and iced with vanilla frosting.   So yummy!PB110955PB110956PB110957PB110960

That night, we went off to the Pirates game.  Unfortunately they lost, but as  part of her present from us, we signed her up for the Pirates Kids Club.PB110961

One of the cool things about being a Kids Club member is they can go down outside the locker room and do the hi-five tunnel with the players as the players go out to the ice before the game.PB110963

This season, number 49 is Kaitlyn’s favorite player and Captain of the team, Alexander Bolduc.  She talks about him all the time and pretends to be him when she is “playing” hockey at home.  PB110964

Kaitlyn’s teacher does “Star Week” for each of the kids over the week of their birthdays.  The star gets to be the helper all week and be line leader.  The parents bring in a special treat and share a favorite book with the class.  The bulletin board outside the classroom is all about them. PB130967 

The questions and her answers on the poster are:

When I grow up I want to be a hockey player   

My favorite things to do are:

  • watch hockey
  • be with Opa
  • be with Mommy, Daddy, Kenzie, and Mammy
  • art projects
  • play on the playground
  • read

My Favorite Place is Hershey (Pennsylvania)

If I could have one wish, I would wish for a (Carnival) cruise and a pony

Pillsbury makes these very brightly colored cake mixes and frostings.  When Kaitlyn was in the baking aisle with me almost two months ago, she told me that’s what she wanted for her birthday cupcakes this year.  So, we made blue cupcakes with purple frosting and purple cupcakes with blue frosting.  The blue frosting ones were definitely the most popular with her class!PB120965PB130966

When I brought in the cupcakes, we brought in one of Kaitlyn’s favorite books…  Hamish the Highland Cow which I read to the class.  All I can say is God Bless Kindergarten teachers!  I was worn out after 30 minutes with 12 kids! 

Here’s Kaitlyn in the singing birthday hat, while her class sings Happy Birthday to her.


Tomorrow she is going to the doctor for her 6 year check-up and her flu shot followed by lunch with us before she heads back to school.

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