Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kaitlyn’s Recital and Other Stuff…

Once again, I am horribly behind on the blog.  I will try to catch up over the next few days in between working on the baby quilt, which I am also horribly behind on.

A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn had her annual dance recital.  Last year, she was in one dance…  this year she was in three!  She did awesome!  Unfortunately we are not allowed to take photos or video during the recital.  They want everyone to buy their over-priced “professional” versions.  I did get some video on my phone during the recital, but apparently it is too large to email, so for now it is stuck on my phone.  Next year I will bring the video camera to rehearsal.

Kaitlyn was very excited that this year’s costume was purple!  They had one leotard and then the kids changed their skirt and head piece for each different dance.  Here’s Kaitlyn being dropped off backstage in her ballet outfit.  She danced to “Three Good Fairies”.

P5100632For her jazz number, she had a black sparkly skirt and a flowers and feathers in her hair.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of her in that one.  They danced to “Move It Like This”.

Her final dance was tap and she danced to “True to Your Heart”.  Here’s Kaitlyn immediately after the recital in her tap costume.  She was very excited to get flowers!P5100633P5100634P5100636I am still finding purple sequins in my car, the house, everywhere…


Kaitlyn also had a recent visit from the tooth fairy.  The first one gone is one the bottom and now the one next to it is loose too.P5240637 

In other news…  unless Baby Girl decides to be impatient like her big sister, she will be making her debut on September 3.

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