Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Dickinson

So, the news is finally out!  We are expecting a baby at the end of the summerSmile!   Today was a very busy day for us.

After dropping Kaitlyn off at school and having a quick breakfast, we had our sequential screening ultrasound.  At the very end of the first trimester, they do an ultrasound to  measure the baby’s neck and then do a blood draw.  There will be another blood draw when I reach 16 weeks.  The results of all these together should be able to detect Down’s Syndrome.


According to the sonographer, Baby D is actually measuring at 13 weeks, 2 days.  Since I am absolutely positive on the dates and I KNOW this baby is only 12 weeks, I am mentally preparing for another 9 lb monster. 

After this appointment, Kevin took me to lunch at Nosh.  Yummy!  Then we headed off to our next appointment with my doctor where we listened to the heartbeat which was a healthy 155 beats per minute.  My next appointment is set for March 24.

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