Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to go to Caribou/ Presque Isle for Columbus Day weekend like we usually do, thanks to my temporary lack of pay check.  No corn maze for us this year!  In a way though it all kind of worked out.  We decided to head north for Veteran’s Day weekend and Kaitlyn’s birthday instead. 


Saturday night, we had a family birthday party with pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents for Kaitlyn.  It was so nice seeing everyone that we don’t get to visit with very often!


Aunt Cassandra was awesome taking pictures of the cake book and then ordering the one that we picked.  Kaitlyn has been loving Tinkerbell recently, so we picked the Tinkerbell cake.  Added bonus… it was purple!PB090108

Successfully blowing out the candle this year!PB090109

Kaitlyn and Aubree eating their cake.PB090112

Kaitlyn was a bit overwhelmed with everything, so she was a little hesitant to sit by herself and open her presents.  I sat with her and became the designated card reader.PB090113PB090115

Starting to get into this whole present thing…PB090117PB090118PB090119PB090120PB090121PB090122PB090124PB090125PB090126PB090127PB090128PB090129PB090130

Worn out by the party!  PB090132

Kaitlyn was excited to go over to Great Aunt Diane’s house on Sunday to see her chickens, ducks, and puppy.PB100133

My city girl was a bit unsure about petting the chicken.PB100134

She finally pet it once.PB100135

But Jackson was definitely more her speed!  She had fun tossing tennis balls for him.  Poor puppy was definitely worn out by the time she left!PB100137

Birthday Girl on the morning of her birthday.  She’s still wearing her princess badge!PB110138

We went over to Great Aunt Linda and Marie’s house for brunch before we headed back home.PB110140

Kaitlyn loves Aunt Linda’s build-a-bear.  She was so excited to change it into it’s holiday outfit!PB110142

After arriving back home, we had a late dinner  at Red Robin per the birthday girl’s request.PB110144

We held back a couple of presents, so she’d have something to open on her actual birthday.PB110143PB110145

The servers sang her happy birthday and brought her an ice cream sundae.PB110146

We then stopped at the store and let her pick out a small cake to celebrate with…PB110147PB110148PB110151PB110152


After talking with her teacher, we decided to bring Kaitlyn’s cupcakes in for the Wednesday after her birthday since everyone is there on Wednesday.  (Some of the kids in her class only go part time).

Kaitlyn has a princess cookbook which has a bunch of cute cupcakes in it.  She’s been telling me for months that she wanted to bring in the Abu monkey cupcakes (from Aladdin) for her birthday.  PB120154

She didn’t get to see the finished product until right before we left for school that morning.PB130155

According to her teacher, they were a big hit.  She e-mailed me these photos that she took.Kaitlyn Birthday 1Kaitlyn Birthday 2

Now that Kaitlyn’s 5 day birthday celebration is over, it’s time to switch gears and start gearing up for Christmas.  Thanks to everyone making Kaitlyn’s birthday so special from near and far!

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