Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kaitlyn’s Dance Class

This morning Kaitlyn started dance class.  She is taking a combination tap/ballet class.  The first half of class they spend doing tap and the second half is ballet.  She is using the bag Great Grammy gave her for Christmas as a dance bag for her tap and ballet shoes.  During tap today Kaitlyn’s teacher, Miss Miranda, taught the girls how to do “shuffle step”.  Then they practiced walking and doing the shuffle step.  During ballet they learned how to walk on their toes.  She came home chanting “tippy toes, tippy toes”.  After class was over, I didn’t have to ask if she liked it.  She ran right up to me and told me she had fun! 

The hardest part was getting her hair into that ballet bun.  The YouTube videos made it look so easy!

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