Friday, May 28, 2010

18 Month Check-Up

This afternoon we headed off to the doctor’s for Kaitlyn’s 18 month check-up.  She’s doing very well.  She is now 25.8 pounds and 30.5 inches tall, which is considered average for her age.  The poor thing also got 3 shots today.  She cried for just a second, but stopped as soon as I picked her up off the table. 

She is supposed to be saying 10- 20 words and starting to put words together, which she is.  She can actually say a little over 20 words right now.  Her newest words are banana or “nana” and fish or “ish”.  Kevin also claims she has said “diaper”, but I haven’t heard that one yet.  As far as sentences, she is saying things like bye-bye baba (when she is done drinking) and “all done” when she is done eating.  She is also still calling Kevin “mama” when she sees him, but the little snot knows what she’s doing because as soon as she really wants something from him (like her cup or a snack) she will call him “daddy”.

She is running all over the place and climbing all over everything.  Last week, I caught her with her leg up on the coffee table trying to pull herself up on top of it.  She has also figured out the concept of a door knob, but hasn’t quite mastered how to actually use it.  She stands on her tip-toes and rattles the doorknob.  She has also figured out how to slide down the stairs on her butt.  One of these days she’s going to end up with a nice rug burn on her lower back from it.

Next check-up will actually be on her birthday… 2 years old!

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