Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Week

We’ve had a pretty busy week…

On Sunday, we went to a Pirates game.  Afterwards, we went to the a party that all of the players and coaches attended.  Some of our friends from the games saved us a seat at Kyle Wanvig’s (one of the players) table.  Kyle and his wife were expecting their first baby (she had a scheduled C-Section for St. Patrick’s Day), so our friends thought they would get a kick out of Kaitlyn.  Kyle remembered Kaitlyn from all the games.  It is kind of hard to miss her.  She loves to bang on the glass and blow kisses and wave at all the guys.  One of the players, Travis Turnbull, always waves at Kaitlyn during practice.

Here’s a picture of Kyle, Kaitlyn, and I…

Imported Photos 00818

Hanging out with Kyle on Sunday, definitely worked to our advantage.  A few days later at the next Pirates game, the puck went flying into the Pirates’ bench and just happened to land at Kyle’s feet.  He smiled at me and nodded and tossed the puck to us. 

 Imported Photos 00837Kaitlyn loves her puck… Imported Photos 00835Imported Photos 00834

Kaitlyn has learned a new word.  It took almost 14 months for her to say “mama”, but less than one hockey season for “Cracker”.  Apparently, I rate below a mascot… Salty Pete is the other Pirates’ mascot.  Unfortunately, Kaitlyn can’t say Salty Pete yet, so she calls him “Cracker” too.  We’ll be watching the game and Kaitlyn will say “Mama, Cracker” and point at one of the mascots, wave, and blow kisses.  She apparently understands the word “hockey” too.  Kevin and I were talking about hockey in the car, and I soon as I said it, I hear Kaitlyn in the backseat saying “Cracker”.  I felt bad telling her we weren’t going to see Crackers.

Our good fortune continued as we found out on Wednesday that the Pirates would be staying in Portland!  Several months ago, the Albany River Rats were sold and their team will be moving to another city next season.  Since, the Pirate’s lease was up at the Civic Center, Albany set their sights on acquiring our team.  Senators from both states even got involved!  The Pirates came very close to moving, but at the very last second, the Pirates’ owner broke off negotiations with Albany and negotiated a new lease with the Civic Center!  We were already concerned about what we’re going to do without hockey over the summer.  We couldn’t imagine not having hockey at all.  I guess we’ll go to a few Sea Dogs games this summer and find out if Kaitlyn likes baseball!

In non-hockey related news…

I am finally back in contacts!  I’ve been wearing my glasses since Kaitlyn was born because my contacts were just too uncomfortable.  After a trip to the eye doctor, though, I have a new brand of contacts and am thrilled to be rid of the glasses again!

I have acquired my first “Mommy-Mobile”.  It’s a silver Ford Freestyle.  Kevin and I love the dual temperature controls.  My side is currently set at 80 and Kevin’s is at 65.  I have no idea how we got along without it.  Kaitlyn’s favorite feature is the moon roof.  She loves watching it open and close!

Imported Photos 00829 

Saturday, it hit 70 degrees here!  We went for a drive, stopped at the beach,  and even got some ice cream!

Imported Photos 00823 Kaitlyn pointing out the “dogga” or dog/doggy to everyone…Imported Photos 00824 Imported Photos 00828 Imported Photos 00827 Kaitlyn showing us she’s ready for more ice cream…Imported Photos 00822

Finally, yesterday, we went to another Pirate’s game… Imported Photos 00838 Imported Photos 00839

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