Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We saw the baby!

Today was our first "real" doctor's appointment. I made it through this appointment without almost passing out, so that alone was a success! The appointment was actually really quick. Just talked to the doctor for a few minutes then she said she would try to find the heartbeat and if she couldn't she'd actually look for the baby. She couldn't hear the heartbeat (apparently the baby was too small and my stomach was too loud), so we got an "unofficial" ultrasound. Sure enough, she found the baby real fast and Baby Dickinson was moving around. Everything is looking good. Next appointment is June 3.

In other news... a Portland Police Officer died last night. He worked Kevin's shift, so Kevin knew him pretty well. Apparently, he accidentally discharged his weapon at home. He had two young kids (9 and 12). Please keep his family and the police department in your prayers.

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